can you post the outlander scene you have such an issue with? in nowhere does Jamie force Claire to have sex after she says No. their sex is always consensual so I am a little confused by your shouting in the tag about all this "non consensual sex" you seem to think is happening

haaaaaa the only post I tagged outlander was the first one I made, in which I said I was enjoying it soooo…sorry I forced you to come to my blog and read my discussions with other people about how the sex is not okay.

But here is a verbatim portion from a scene in the first book which I am copying that I am putting under a cut because it RAPEY AS FUCK

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What good is a king who will not defend his realm?

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I’d been considering reading it because it’s been recommended to me, but noooooooooope. I wouldn’t be able to deal with that.

I mean, the first half is pretty good before all that shit goes down. But I’m definitely checking out the show. Tobias Menzies is going to have some really great material to work with, even though his character is a monster. Lotte Verbeek’s character is great and the actor who was Dwalin in the Hobbit looks well cast.

I don’t think the show can survive if it’s a direct interpretation, so I have hope!


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yeah I enjoyed outlander until I got to the SERIOUSLY nonconsensual sex scenes that were written as ~steamy romance~ and then I nope-d the fuck out of there real fast. I actually found it really upsetting.


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To amend my last Outlander post, I am majorly side-eyeing some of this. I don’t think they will be able to show some of it on tv without changing it or toning it down. Just my opinion, but some of the scenes made me uncomfortable to read.

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The first few books are so entertaining/weird/cracky—it’s a shame it goes off into plotless meandering for the rest.

Is there a point at which you would suggest stopping? Nothing I hate more than investing time in a series after it falls off.

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the show started already???
No, I’m reading and enjoying the first book :)

I am getting my LIFE from Outlander.

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Ned heads. Obviously.


Oh, and his acting choices. I’ll give you an example. When I got back from Blackwater and I was on the rock and burnt to bits, we rehearsed that scene. And this is a man I’ve been breaking my back for for a long time. His first line was, “I thought you were dead.” And most actors, they’d stand up and there’d be a moment of recognition, that one of the family had returned.

Stephen decides he’ll sit down, with his back to me, and he just looked over his shoulder for a moment when he says, “I thought you were dead.” He gave me nothing! That was really brave, because most would go for sympathy or emotion, but Stephen has no desire to be liked. He just doesn’t give a fuck!

But for me, it’s brilliant for the scene! Because that’s how my character feels, like, “Is that all I’m going to get?!” It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing we have, that power shift. Stephen’s a joy, a joy.