The Scumbag Centaur chronicles continue…

What conflict of interest? I only publish books, generate advertising revenue, and subtitle television episodes for this franchise.

White fictional characters are real. Fictional characters of colour are fictional.

Rape is wrong. Unless she deserves it.

hawt 4 horses

The dictionary: a Scumbag Centaur’s last resort (usually the only resort).

The Qur’an, Torah, Bible? I’ve got A Song of Ice and Fire.

A woman in a situation where she has to have sex? That’s not rape!

Can you please stop being so flawless, OP? It’s very distracting.


The Scumbag Centaur has returned! A collaborative effort brought to you by Lindaaa and Fantastwat Collective.

Insults all of tumblr and all of fanfiction. Uses tumblr to advertise own fanfiction

Attacking other posters not allowed. Wanting them raped is.

Claims to want female posters. Bans their ways of expression and calls them cunts.

Must conform to forum culture.

Shipping relationships bad. Shipping duels good.

A woman of colour is upset? Must refer to her as “it” and “thing”.

Lets look at how she says everyone else has no reading comprehension.

I’m on Page 30 of the 50-page Lindaaaaaa thread over at Is Winter Coming? where I used to be a member (I was Sandsnake; my account got deleted or lost or something, idk). Join me on this adventure!