So this slew of posters from HBO pretty much confirms that Team Dragonstone is going to be largely inconsequential this season, if not for the rest of the tv series

Something I find interesting

They’ve cut out some of the mysticism from the story (HoTU, many of the dreams, playing down the faith of characters like Cat and Sansa, not a lot said about the heart trees iirc)

But they’re keeping in a lot of stuff about the Red God. Like with the shadow baby, with Thoros and the fiery sword/resuscitation of Beric, Melly Sanders randomly finding the Brotherhood, Stannis seeing a battle in the fire and Melisandre talking about seeing stuff.

And now with the leeches today, the fact that so much time was committed to bringing Gendry to Dragonstone, that they felt a sex scene was necessary to do it (well, Melisandre didn’t want him to see the “knife”), they seem to be emphasizing the power of Rhollor and (please correct me) it’s really the only sort of religious/spiritual/mystical thing on the show besides Bran/Jojen and their dreams.* Book readers are aware of something she’ll do next season, but I wonder if this is a portend for things that will happen in books after ADWD, things that are so integral to the plot that the show can’t leave it out.

*(I don’t think warging, dragons, White Walkers, etc are really in the same category? Like I think they employ fantasy and are supernatural but to me they aren’t intangible like myths and spiritual things are.)

Hereby commissioning a work of meta from any of the great Stannis stans here delving into wtf they did to his character this episode

he’s clearly not afraid to bring down the hand of justice and do the hard things that must be done basically robb stark is one in a million.
Okay I need to make this its own post because honestly? Do people even read Davos chapters? Or any chapters that mention Stannis? Because holy fangirls Batman I CANNOT.

Stannis is so fucking delicious I CAN’T STAND IT

BEX I am re-reading ASOIAF and have been suddenly blindsided by Stannis feels, I spend all chapters pertaining to him wailing inwardly 'omg Stannis all you want is to do your duty and you're so loyal to the realm and you loved Renly but you killed him because he got in the way and you don't lie to make yourself seem better my BABYY' WHERE HAVE THESE FEELS COME FROM

Yes good thank you for this message my wise anonymous friend. The Stannis feels hit you quite suddenly and then you can never get rid of them

The Stannis Baratheon in School of Thrones really annoys me.

A+ in making him so out of character. I get that they made him the stereotypical HS religious fanatic (which should be Melisandre, but she’s the Hot Girl so that wouldn’t compute) who is no fun but it’s so off-base. The only character as bad as Stannis is weird-ass Dany and her CLEEK

Gotdamn it

Also here’s the accurate top comment on the first video

You know you’re a stan when…

Previews of S3 Game of Thrones

MERE GLIMPSES of Stannis Baratheon



We all know why Stannis looks so sad

We all know why Stannis looks so sad