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Oh man Warlow is so demented this is AWESOME

Something I think True Blood missed

First off, I have a few asks I don’t have time to answer right now because I’ve spent the last two days packing, but I will get to them.

In Charlaine’s books, there’s a character that appears later in the series who was a wolf-turned-vamp, and the Sweetie Des Arts of the books/S5 is a human-turned-shifter. Both of these characters were turned supe against their will, and the level of their self-hate makes them do dangerous, lethal things in their respective books against Sookie, supes and vamps.

I think True Blood missed a good opportunity to prop up the shifter/supe violence arc by introducing a character that was two kinds of supes. Warlow’s vamp/fae identity got me thinking of this, but in S5 the whole Hoyt/shifter lynching party was pretty meh in my opinion. Like, they’re a bunch of redneck racists with a leader who’s pressed her man ran off with a shifter. Ok. Wouldn’t that have been better if Sweetie was a secret (or not) shifter with an even bigger taste of vengeance for the people who made her supe against her will?

True Blood’s worst storylines have consistently been shifters/wolves, and it seems like with this season’s theme of “humans fighting back” they could have laid the groundwork for self-hating supes stirring shit as far back as S4. I think they really dropped the ball in that season; by making Jason actually shift to a werepanther after being bitten, they could have opened the door for this to happen to characters in future seasons, but nope. It will be utter and complete bullshit if that does happen to Sam’s new friend.

I guess my point is that True Blood could have strengthened some of their plots, and maybe made a few new ones that would have been better, if they had the extra element in of people turned against their will, who loathe their identity and turn the hate outwards to their kind, bolstering the disorganized—>organized hate and persecution in S6.


This episode is cray lol

So does Grandpa Niall feed Jason the Warlow blood as an experiment/to get rid of his hallucinations of his racist parents, and that’s how the Ben dreams come about?

And Jason will probably just freak out about having boy dreams and not connect the dots…

For some reason this really cracked me up

For some reason this really cracked me up


TV couples with an actual will-they-or-won’t-they story line on the show
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