Get your cunt-stained fingers off my MUSH: the Ballad of Lindaaaa Antonsson

I am frankly baffled by the amount of people in this fandom who haven’t heard of Lindaaaaa, Christian name Linda Antonsson. Shocked that people don’t know that one of the foremost ASOIAF fans and influencers of the author of the series is totally vile.

For example, are you put-off or offended by me using “cunt” in the title? Well, if you’re reading this it probably applies to you, as Lindaaaaa thinks that fans who condone fan fiction are pedophiles who fap to their neighbors’ children. I am not fucking kidding.

This is not an exhaustive profile about Lindaaaa; I hope to provide you with enough information about her so that you are aware of her role in fandom, her influence over GRRM and her shenanigans here. She is a Big Name Fan behaving very, very badly. 

This post is long, but I am here to educate.

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The Scumbag Centaur chronicles continue…

What conflict of interest? I only publish books, generate advertising revenue, and subtitle television episodes for this franchise.

White fictional characters are real. Fictional characters of colour are fictional.

Rape is wrong. Unless she deserves it.

hawt 4 horses

The dictionary: a Scumbag Centaur’s last resort (usually the only resort).

The Qur’an, Torah, Bible? I’ve got A Song of Ice and Fire.

A woman in a situation where she has to have sex? That’s not rape!

Can you please stop being so flawless, OP? It’s very distracting.