I’m making a Red Viper Bingo Card.

I’ll make this a question post so anyone can answer. I’ll try to get it done before the weekend. This post is going to allow for replies so anyone can write in. Or message me! 

So, does anyone have any ideas?

thekrakensonions replied to your post: i rly want to like gay of thrones, but calling…

Yep, that jarred. I thought perhaps he would stop after Alfie told him not to say it.

Tweeted to the writers/creators/directors

thekrakensonions replied to your post: I don’t like Roose/the Boltons my friend/an anon MADE me make that graphic

LOL WHUT. Someone made me a graphic of a character/house I don’t like, OK!?

Let’s take time out of our day to make graphics of characters we despise and ridicule people for liking


The thing that I find most funny about krakenonions’ bingo boards is that I could probably link directly to hater posts for all of the squares



Oh wow Thramsay shippers on the first page of the ONTD post and no tar and feathers



Give it time, the crap will start appearing.

I’m really disappointed that people do that. And when I’m rarely around to call someone out it’s ‘oh it’s not you it’s the other ones, you know the other ones

Yeah no shit I do

thekrakensonions replied to your post: I’m watching Your Highness and it’s so dumb and…

While a lot of it is shit, there are actually some genuinely good jokes in it. I was expecting to loathe it, but found myself surprisingly fond of it.

I just like Danny McBride a lot. It’s him that I’m mostly laughing at.

janeilannister replied to your post: janeilannister replied to your post: I was just…

99% the latter, I bet half of the ‘omg can I just say I hate catelyn and how awful she was to jon snow’ expect ppl to rally around them and it’s hilarious when karen or someone else calls them out

Yeah the Cat tag is ridiculous but at least people will get called out for being dumb. I track the Theon tag and it’s like, thanks for your post on how Theon is a dick and should die, here’s a cookie. I think by now a lot of people just block the haters because it’s so tiring.

thekrakensonions replied to your postjaneilannister replied to your post: I was just…

It takes no more time to type a unique charatcer tag, so yeah. They’re doing it for the attention and just to be jerks.

IA but still think there’s people who are legitimately ignorant of how tags work, just look at the people who get outraged when they get reblogged and mocked. And you could easily do something like ” *Jaime Lannister ” which I’ve seen one blog do, and it’s still the full name. I’m just so sick of the organization line.

imagethekrakensonions replied to your post: Bex’s Follow Forever

House Trollton = sole reason to stay on Tumblr tbh.

And Richard Armitage

imagewelltheyhadapointyoureanidiot replied to your postBex’s Follow Forever


I knew who I wanted to include but didn’t want to leave anyone out, if that makes sense?

Plus anyone can be in House Trollton. It’s not an exclusive club or anything.

thekrakensonions replied to your post: watermeloncholy reblogged your photo:…

Is it wrong that I kinda want her to see it and make a tumblr post about it?

If someone alerted her to it in an antagonizing/trollish way she might get worked up enough about it, especially since she doesn’t like me. I would tweet her a link but it’s my tumblr so I would just feel weird about it.

thekrakensonions replied to your post: Well, I think Richard Ma … (pardon, I mean Robb…

I’m in the microscopic minority that isn’t bowled over by naked Richard. I think Kit, Alfie and Joe all look better naked. (I’m just as superficial as Rich fans, really)

Kitten is my bb so I think I’m incapable of feeling attracted toward him though he definitely is gorgeous. I believe he said in an interview that he had to sign some clause about nudity in his contract, though it will probably be like Richard’s and be faux-nudity while Rose does full-frontal or something (I could write a short essay on comparative nudity in this show).

I think Alfie is the fittest of the three of them tbh and I love that he doesn’t care about nudity (I like that about any actor tbh). He gets points for the non-canon Ros scene, ha.

And I’ve always been ambivalent about Joe. ONTD seemed to REALLY like him this year, but I never had strong feelings about Gendry so that’s probably why.

There’s no problem being superficial about actors, imo! That’s the only reason I watch Spartacus!